Coronavirus Lockdown: Lockdown in this state till 3 August


Itanagar: The Arunachal Pradesh government extended the applicable lockdown till August 3 in view of rising cases of corona virus infection in the capital complex.

Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar announced this on Sunday. Itanagar and Nagarlagun area comes in the capital complex. Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar told reporters here that the complete lockdown will be effective till 5 am on August 3. He said that the state cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Pema Khandu took this decision on Friday after reviewing the situation in the capital complex.

Kumar said that the lockdown has been extended for two weeks in view of the increase in cases of Kovid-19. A total of 216 people have been found infected in the capital complex so far. So far, a total of 650 cases have been reported in the state, out of which 373 people are currently being treated while 274 people have become infection free. Three persons have died in the state due to infection.

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All activities stopped during Sunday’s lockdown in Tamil Nadu
The lockdown has been implemented in Tamil Nadu for the third consecutive Sunday without any exemption to prevent rising cases of corona virus infection. Roads are deserted everywhere due to people staying inside their homes.

All other activities have ceased except milk supply and health services. The markets are closed. Shops of essential commodities are also closed. The sweepers are working as usual. At the same time, municipal body personnel are going door-to-door survey to find out flu-like symptoms among the people.

Fever camps have also been set up. The Amma canteen operated by the state government is open. Check posts have been set up in cities and towns. Chennai police said in a statement that no vehicle other than milk supply, medical emergency services and dead bodies will be allowed to run on the road.

The Greater Chennai Corporation said that from May 8 to July 18, around 19,151 fever camps were organized in which 11,81,205 people arrived. Of these, flu-like symptoms were detected in 62,470 people. Tamil Nadu police said that a fine of Rs 18.39 crore has been imposed on those who violated the lockdown till date. The lockdown will be implemented in the state on Sunday 26 July as well.


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