Covid 19 Vaccine: Success in first stage human trials of Oxford University’s Korana Vaccine


London, Agencies. Oxford University’s corona virus vaccine has been found successful in the first test on humans. This vaccine is safe as well as increases immunity of the body. Those who were given it were found to have virus-fighting antibodies in their bodies as well as white blood cells that give the body immunity for longer. White blood cells are also known as killer T-cells. The Oxford University research study was published in the journal ‘The Lancet’ on Monday.

This vaccine gives ‘double protection’ from corona virus

The first phase of this vaccine began testing in April. 1,077 healthy people in the age group of 18 to 55 years were fed between April and May. Scientists have found that this vaccine offers ‘double protection’ from the deadly corona virus. Antibodies are generally considered a success in the human body when given a vaccine. But the study found that this vaccine developed antibodies in the body as well as infection-fighting white blood cells. Together, these two give protection to the body. In earlier studies it has been found that antibodies can also go away in a few months but T-cells remain in the body for years. The scientists are excited by these results but they say that a lot of work has to be done on it. It is not yet known how capable this vaccine is in preventing the corona virus.

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Along with antibodies in the body, also developed corona-fighting white blood cells.

Dr. Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute at Oxford University, said, “Good resistance is being seen in almost all people.” He said that this vaccine developed antibodies that prevent infection as well as T-cells fighting the corona virus. Hill said that 10,000 people are undergoing tests in Britain, South Africa and Brazil to assess how effective the vaccine is. A more comprehensive trial of about 30 thousand people in the US is about to begin soon. Hill said that by the end of this year, enough data will be found to decide whether it should be used in large-scale vaccination.

He said that the level of antibodies produced in the body of patients who have been cured of corona infection, this vaccine has also been found to have the same level of antibodies. The T-Cell is expected to provide additional protection. Hill said that there is more evidence that antibodies along with T-cells can be important in controlling the corona virus. He also said that after the second dose, the body’s resistance can also be strong. The vaccine (AZD 1222) is being produced in collaboration with the government and AstraZeneca at the Jenner Institute in Oxford University. AstraZeneca will produce it.

The UK has tied up with AstraZeneca to acquire 100 million doses of the vaccine previously produced by the University of Oxford. The government has also given a crore of rupees to Imperial College London along with Oxford University to help in the discovery of this drug. Their vaccine started testing on humans only in June. The first phase has yielded results. However, the results of the Phase III trial have not yet been announced. It is believed that it will be announced soon.

Britain signed an agreement to purchase 9 million doses of the Corona vaccine

On the other hand, the UK has tied up with three companies to buy nine million doses of a potential corona vaccine. British Commerce Minister Alok Sharma announced this on Monday. Cabinet Minister Sharma said that the government has signed an agreement to buy nine crore doses of the vaccine undergoing trials for treatment of corona virus by companies named BioNotech, Pfizer and Valneva.



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