Gavaskar, furious at the cheating players, said – people come in secret to get full money


Sunil Gavaskar’s column. A player also has a history of injuries. So no matter how big a name he is, if he cannot be available in most matches, there is no point in buying it. When they are injured again, they are going to spoil the rhythm and balance of the team and also the winning rhythm. In IPL, many players hide their injuries and then play a match and say that they are injured so that they can get all their money.

The main reason for this edition being so good was not only the quality of the pitches, but also the size of the boundary apart from the Sharjah Stadium. The long boundary meant that we saw some spectacular catches and fielding efforts, which would have been sixes on other grounds.

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The other aspect of this was that a player who played with his abilities was more likely to succeed, unless he tried to do something he usually does not. So a batsman who could hit the ball with full force in front of the stumps often failed to find a scoop shot or reverse sweep, which he was not used to. The shot above the extra-cover is nice to see, but the deep cover is mostly caught by the fielder because of the long boundary.

Bowlers who tried to diversify too often lost their line and length and had to bear the brunt of it. Especially the fast bowler, who tried a slow delivery from the back of the hand and went astray as it was not part of his normal bowling and hence he did not have much control over it. This incident also shows that if a bowler can bowl a good yorker, he will be more effective in this format of the game.

It was surprising to see sixes flying easily on the road near Sharjah Stadium. Fans of Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards, Gordon Greenidge, fans have taken his shots many times in this stadium and it is clear that the way batting is done today and the way modern players work out in the gym, in those shots They exert such a force that the ball goes far. Whatever the reason, but it was really good.

Being in the bio-bubble and getting tested in four-five days was not a problem if you had a good group of people with us and we were lucky to have one who was always positive as a unit in the commentary box and in life. Looking at the bright side. Once again everyone did well, but for the most important players, who provided us some great moments in the game.

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