Indian Railways, IRCTC: Care should be taken while canceling train tickets, account may be empty due to negligence

Indian Railways, IRCTC: According to the railways, cyber thugs send a call or MSMS to get the passengers to issue refunds as soon as possible after ticket cancellation for cheating. Whereas after e-ticket cancellation, the refund process is fully automatic.

Indian Railways, IRCTC: Special care should be taken by passengers while canceling train tickets. It often happens that we get a ticket booked and then cancel it in a hurry. We make such hasty mistakes that outweigh us.

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In fact, when a passenger cancels a ticket through online, he can often be a victim of fraud. Railways have also issued warnings in this regard several times. According to the railway, passengers are not asked for any information related to their bank account during online ticket cancellation.


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