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Lifelong Rs 61250 pension, premium only! LIC Super Policy!

If you buy this policy from LIC you will get a lifetime pension. It is enough if you pay only one premium.

At this young age you can run and work. But in your spare time you will need a fixed amount to live on your own without anyone’s kindness. For that you need to be ready to save from now on. Take care of yourself in your final days, without thinking that your children will save you in the future.Also Read: UAE banned IndiGo flights till August 24, issued these rules

Benson would be helpful. The LIC Life Insurance Company has been implementing various projects.

LIC helps you if you have a retirement plan or want to live a comfortable life without financial crisis. The Jeevan Akshay Policy Scheme is a scheme implemented by LIC for a comfortable life in retirement . The highlight of this plan is that you will get a pension of up to Rs 5,000 per month if you pay a single premium.Also Read: Now WhatsApp is going to be more fun, this special option is coming soon

You have to pay a single premium of Rs.10.18 lakh. Then you will get a pension of Rs 61,250 per year. That is Rs 4,946 per month. You can probably buy a pension once every three months or once every six months if you wish. 14,925 for 3 months and Rs. 30,125 for 6 months. Any Indian citizen between the ages of 30 and 85 can purchase this policy.Also Read: New traffic rules: Now traffic violation notices will be sent to state agencies within 15 days



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