Tata Sky, Dish TV, D2h and Airtel Digital TV Re-Introduce Long-Term Channel Packs


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) hadn’t said anything about long duration packs (LDP) in its new mandate and every TV subscriber was required to migrate to the new channel packs. However, this meant that subscribers who had paid up front for their service for long-term packs were in a loss and as a result, they filed complaints after complaints. Following this incident, Trai ordered the DTH providers to bring back long -term plans. All the major DTH service providers, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, D2h and Dish TV are now offering long-term packs. But, there has been a twist again as the Delhi High Court has put a stay on the May directive of Trai which reinstates the long-term packs. Here are the long-term offers which the DTH providers are shipping right now.

Up to Five Months Free Recharge from D2h

When it comes to long-term subscription plans, there is no DTH provider which has currently surpassed D2h’s offer. As per D2h’s listing, the provider is giving away seven days of additional subscription on a 3-month plan, 15 days of additional subscription on a 6-month plan, 30 days of additional subscription on an 11-month subscription plan. Additionally, the provider is going a step ahead by offering 60 days of additional subscription on subscription plan of 22 months, 90 days of additional subscription on long term subscription of 33 months, 120 days of additional subscription on 44 month long subscription plan and lastly 150 days or five months’ worth of free additional subscription on subscribing to D2h’s services for 55 months.

Dish TV Offering Up to 30 Days of Free Recharge

Dish TV’s structure of offer is quite similar to D2h’s, but it has an upper cap on the number of free days it is giving away on long term recharges. Subscribers will get seven days of additional subscription on a 3-month subscription plan, 15 days extra on the 6-months subscription plan and 30 days of subscription fee on an 11-month plan.

Tata Sky Offering Up to 30 Days of Free Recharge Days

Tata Sky’s offering is quite different from the above offers given by Dish TV or D2h as Tata Sky subscribers will have little choice between various subscription periods. Tata Sky’s scheme has been named as Flexi Annual plan as the subscribers will be able to get 30 days extra on subscription of Tata Sky annually. To avail this offer, Tata Sky subscribers will have to deposit the annual subscription amount in their Tata Sky account beforehand and the extra credited days will then be available to the subscribers during the year-end of their subscription.

Delhi HC New Order Puts Long Term Plans in Jeopardy

It is also possible that due to the new order which Delhi HC passed regarding the long-term packs might make them obsolete again. Trai has been locked in a legal battle with Tata Sky, Sun Direct and other broadcasters and DTH operators in the Delhi High Court and there has been a new order from the bench which overrides the Trai May order directing the DTH providers to reinstate long-term packs. Now that this new order is to be followed by the companies, it is possible that they may do away with LDPs again.

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