Big news- Microsoft may buy TikTok’s US business, may be announced on Monday


The world’s largest technology company Microsoft (Mircrosoft) can buy the US operations of TickTok. The negotiations are in the final stages.

Washington. After China’s music app TikTok India can now be banned in America as well. An announcement can be made at any time. Meanwhile, news of its sale is also coming. According to the news agency Reuters, the world’s largest technology company Microsoft (Microsoft) can buy the US operations of TikTok. The negotiations are in the final stages. Let us tell you that India has banned 106 Chinese apps including Tiktok and this step has been welcomed by both the US administration and lawmakers. Trump said in response to a question that he can do some other things as well. There are several options. But in the meantime a lot of things are happening, so it will have to be seen what happens. But they are looking at a lot of options regarding Tiktok.

Microsoft may acquire TikTok- The American newspaper Wall Street Journal reported that the Indian-American company Satya Nadella-led company Microsoft has gone ahead in the negotiations to acquire Tick-Talk’s American business. The deal could be worth billions of dollars.

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Deal can be announced on Monday- The newspaper reported that according to people aware of the matter, a deal can be completed by Monday and representatives of Microsoft, ByteDance and White House can be involved in this conversation. Changes in negotiations are possible and the deal may not happen. BiteDance is the parent company of Ticketock in China.

Let us tell you that after India, now at any time in the US, the Chinese app Tik Tok (Tik Tok) can be banned. US President Donald Trump is preparing to ban the Chinese app Tick Talk. For this, he is also considering many options. Trump has been extremely angry with China since the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic.


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