Deepika Padukone in Drugs Case: NCB prepares to issue summons to Deepika Padukone in Drugs case


Deepika Padukone in Drugs Case: After the name of Deepika Padukone in the drugs case, the Bollywood actress’s problem may increase. According to media reports, the Narcotics Control Bureau i.e. NCB can also send summons to Deepika Padukone at any time. Explain, while investigating Riya Chakraborty drugs case, NCB got mention of D name in a WhatsApp chat. After a long investigation, sources were quoted as saying that it was none other than D. Deepika Padukone. It is being told in the name of NCB that Deepika Padukone had asked his manager if he had the goods? Meanwhile, NCB is questioning Shruti Modi and Jaya Shah in this floor today.

This thing happened between Deepika Padukone and his manager

In this chat related to Deepika Padukone, her name is D. Dee Ki is talking to Karisma. Karishma is the manager of Deepika. In the chat D wrote: Do you have goods? K’s answer: But at home, I am in Bandra right now. If you want, I tell Amit. D wrote: Yes, please. Also asked, right? No hemp

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Kangana Ranot flashes on Deepika Padukone

Kangana Ranot issued another statement after Deepika Padukone’s name surfaced in the drugs case. Kangana accused Deepika Padukone of high society’s rich star kid and accused her of taking drugs and wrote in the tweet, the so-called high society’s rich star kid, who claims to be top class and good upbringing, asks his manager What is the goods?

Sara Ali Khan may also be interrogated

It is reported that Sala Ali Khan may also be questioned. Following the interrogation of Riya Chakraborty, NCB had made a list of twenty-five Bollywood celebrities, which allegedly also included Sara Ali Khan’s name. Rakul Preet Singh’s name has also come before this.


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