Electricity Bill: Financial constraints such that it is difficult to pay electricity bills


Electricity Bill : The recession caused by the Corona infection has created an economic crisis for the common people. The situation is that it is becoming difficult to meet everyday needs. Despite the postponement of the previous arrears arrears from the government, the current bills are not credited. Repeatedly, the consumers are not sending the message, phone or even staff house to pay the bill, but the bill is not deposited. 54 crore was to be collected from the city for the entire month, while only 34 crore have been deposited in the company’s treasury.

What is the issue

The state government has stopped the recovery of the arrears of the previous bill for consumers of one kilowatt load. It will be charged later. From September, only consumers have to pay the electricity bill of the current consumption. In such a situation, the company expected that consumers would pay the current bill, but this is not happening. Consumers are unable to bill even though they get the benefit of subsidy. Here the officers are constantly being pressured by the company to collect the bills.

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How to pay bills difficult to drive home

Most consumers with a kilowatt load in the Corona epidemic are low and middle class. It has more daily income. Due to the worsening economic situation due to infection, consumers are finding it difficult to run household expenses, so how to pay electricity bills. Consumers have come to many power authorities and have expressed their pain. There are also some consumers who feel that the way the government has postponed the recovery of the previous bill arrears, it will also get similar relief, so they are not depositing the bill.

A target of 54 crores has been set for bill collection in the city. So far, only around 34 crore has been deposited. There is one day left for the month to end. Consumers collect electricity regularly so that uninterrupted power is available. – I. K. Tripathi, Superintending Engineer City

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