National security law: Millions of people voted against Chinese law in Hong Kong


Hong Kong, Reuters. The people of China adopted a unique method of symbolic protest against the National Security Act imposed on Hong Kong by China. Hong Kong’s pro-democracy agitators organized a vote on Saturday and Sunday against this law. This informal voting is believed to support the selection of a strong candidate for the legislative council election to be held in September.

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Anti-China sentiments will be strengthened by the large participation in voting

Analysts believe that if they participate in large numbers in this vote, then anti-China sentiments will be further strengthened. A pro-democracy person, Sunny Cheng said that the high turnout will attract the attention of the international community and we will never leave the issue. We stand in favor of pro-democracy agitators and we will continue to support democracy and freedom.

Bypassing the warning, people cast votes in 250 polling stations.

Young people to the elderly cast their votes in 250 polling stations, ignoring the warning of senior Hong Kong officials. Organizers said that by Sunday afternoon, five lakh people had cast their votes. However, how many people participated in the voting process will be announced on Monday. There are 7.5 million people living in Hong Kong.


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