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Open an account in ICICI Bank without branch, KYC will be done at home

New customers can now complete the KYC process in a few minutes through video chat with the bank. The first ICICI bank in the industry to facilitate customers wishing to open their salary account or take a personal loan in the bank.

new Delhi.ICICI Bank, the largest private sector bank, today launched a new facility for customers. Under this, retail customers can process ‘Know Your Customer- KYC’ in a few minutes through video chat with the bank. It is necessary to complete the KYC process to open a new account. The bank has initially introduced this facility for prospective customers who are eager to open a savings account in the bank, or who want to open their Salary Account with the bank or Personal Loan from the bank. ). This facility will also be available for those who want to apply for ‘Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card’. This is the most popular variant of credit card. Bank soon other credit card,

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The account will open in minutes without
going to the bank. It is the first bank in the industry to open a salary account and provide this facility to people taking personal loans. This facility makes KYC process digital for new customers of the bank and thus they can open their account in a few minutes without going to any branch of the bank. In this way, they can also follow the rules of social distancing in the current era of coronavirus epidemic and can enjoy all kinds of banking facilities at home by opening their account. Video KYC facility is in line with ICICI Bank’s tradition in which the bank strives to provide all possible facilities to its customers through digital processes. This process is also in accordance with the KYC rules of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Giving information about this new launch, ICICI Bank Executive Director Anoop Bagchi said, Video KYC verification facility launched by ICICI Bank sets new standards in the industry, as the whole process is easy and fast and it gives customers a lot Will be easy This holds special significance at this time in the ‘New Normal’ days when people are advised to stay home as part of their fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic and they are expected to be banking Complete your related work digitally.

With a digital device, PAN card, a pen and paper, the customer can complete the process from his home in a few minutes. We have integrated a robust ‘Video KYC’ platform for account opening, personal loans and credit card processes that simplify and secure the account opening experience for the customer. Through this process, the savings / salary account of the new customer will be fully operational within a few hours. We believe that in the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond, the facility of ‘Video KYC’ helps customers and lenders quickly and safely establish new banking relationships without being exposed to anyone. Will do

can be opened in such an account-

1. Take the facility of application / personal loan or credit card to open the
account, visit the bank’s website, for Insta Save account Apply Here the customer has to enter the details of the pen, authenticate it using Aadhaar and fill the details of some other personal information. They can also apply for savings accounts and other variants of personal loans online or at the bank branch, while they can also use the Amazon app to apply for ‘Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card’.

2. Click on the Video KYC tab
Once the ‘Insta Save’ account is opened or the personal loan / credit card application is completed, the customer has to click on the ‘Video KYC’ tab or click on the link sent by the bank officer . They also need to be allowed to access the device’s location for geo-tagging within the country, as per regulatory guidelines. They will then be diverted to the ICICI Bank officer who conducts KYC in real time. This process takes only a few minutes.

3. Submit details for Video KYC
The customer simply has to keep his / her PAN card, a blank white sheet of paper and a blue or black pen. They need to ensure strong data connectivity and a well-lit space for the video KYC process to record their faces clearly. Additionally, they also need to ensure strong data connectivity, as the bank officer records the PAN image with the customer’s signature via video call. The video KYC system checks the photos of the customer on the Aadhaar site. Bank’s system records and stores all video KYC.

After the video KYC process, the Savings / Celery account becomes fully operational without any deposit or account balance. This entire process only takes a few hours to complete. Personal loan / credit card applications are forwarded for the next process.


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