Protesters violent in Chile, church burnt, looted


Santiago . During a Protest last year in Santiago, Chile, 30 people were killed and thousands were killed. Chilean citizens gathered in the Central Square to commemorate the anniversary of the incident and were demonstrating peacefully.

However, at night, the protesters started rioting and got busy in carrying out the incident of loot. The protesters became violent and they also set fire to a church. The police had to release tear gas shells to overcome the violence. The angry mob also threatened the Communist Party Mayor early in the day.

Rally organized across the city

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The Chileans gathered in the day itself and took out a rally in the whole city. By the evening, the number of people in the demonstration increased significantly. In the hands of the protesters there were banners drawn in the house of rainbow color, in which it was written that on the following Sunday there is a referendum to end the dictatorship era constitution. This demand was also raised prominently during the performance in the year 2019.

Demonstrations began in a peaceful manner and on a large scale, but gradually the protesters became violent. They looted the supermarket. Protesters also had fierce clashes with the police. Santiago’s Home Minister Victor Perez was truly appreciative of the rally that started in the morning. He said that a blast occurred in a peaceful rally late at night and everything went unchecked. He appealed to the citizens of Chili to favor the Referendum on the Constitution with their votes on 25 October. He said that those who carry out these acts of violence do not want Chile to solve our problems in democratic ways.

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