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🙄🙄Best Retirement Funds: Invest in VPF, ELSS and PPF and get great retirement funds👨‍🦳👨‍🦳

Hello friends, welcome to our news site Friends, today we have brought very special information for you, invest in VPF, ELSS and PPF and get great retirement funds. Actually fixed deposits (FD) now get much less interest than before, due to which it did not give much importance. goes. So if you want to deposit money for your retirement fund, then VPF, ELSS and PPF would be a better option.

Get More Interest In VPF: know what is VPF and why is it better?

When the employee increases his contribution to the provident fund by keeping his salary low, this option is called VPF. In EPF, 12 per cent of our salary is contracted, whereas in VPF you can invest without any limit. In this we get an annual interest of up to 8.5 percent. Explain that this is an extension of EPF, due to which only people with jobs can open it and invest in it and get such interest. To invest more in VPF, you will have to contact your company’s finance team or HR.

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Best Retirement Funds: What is PPF and why invest in it?

PPF is a scheme in which you can get great interest by depositing money for a long time, ie if you are investing money keeping in mind the retirement fund, then perhaps PPF can be a better option for you. is. Please tell that PPF account is opened in bank or post office. It can also be transferred to another bank or post office. The PPF plan is for 15 years, but after that it can be extended for 5–5 years. Under this scheme, the account cannot be closed before 15 years but after 4 years it can be taken a loan. The scheme currently offers an annual interest of 7.1 percent.

Tax Saving Mutual Funds: What is ELSS and why invest in it?

If you are interested in safe investing in Mutual Funds, then ELSS is probably for you. Through ELSS, you can also save quite a lot of tax. One can invest money through any broker sitting at home in ELSS scheme. Around 42 companies in the country run Tax Saving Mutual Funds scheme, and all of them have ELSS to save income tax. If you want to invest in ELSS to save tax, then a minimum investment of 5 thousand is required and if you have to invest money every month, then a minimum of Rs 500 can be started.

The income tax-saving scheme has an amount lock-in for 3 years, which is a good thing because other schemes such as PPF have an amount lock-in for 15 years. In ELSS you get market link returns rather than interest rates. In the last year, ELSS has given annualized returns of up to 8.5 percent.




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