DATA STORY: Think iPhone X is too expensive in India? Here’s how much it costs around the world

The iPhone X will hit the Russian turf at USD 1390, which translates to roughly Rs 89,175 – the most expensive around the world.

Many iPhone fans experienced shock and awe at the exorbitant price tag of Apple’s latest flagship. The new iPhone X, priced USD 999 onwards, happens to be more expensive than the latest MacBook Air.

Asking customers to pay above USD 1,000 for a device that will last for a few years is a lot, given that even Apple’s A11 Bionic chip will eventually start slowing down at some point. The pace at which technology ecosystem changes may render the A11 Bionic chip out of date.

In India, the iPhone X’s expected priced is Rs 89,000 that is, at current prices, USD 1388. This includes additional charges and taxes that are responsible for its inflated price in the country when compared with the phone’s global introductory price.

Is India in the same expensive boat of iPhone X price? Data collected by Statista on iPhone X’s price around the world may soothe Apple’s India fans. Apple’s latest top offering isn’t only expensive for Indians.

In the European Union, Mexico, the UK and Russia the phone will cost upwards of USD 1300.

Countries such as Japan and Canada will, however, make it available at lower prices than India and most major markets.

In the United Kingdom, the Apple’s latest flagship will cost 32 percent more than the US at USD 1338 (Rs 85,839).

The iPhone X will hit the Russian turf at USD 1390, which translates to roughly Rs 89,175 – the most expensive around the world.

Canadians bag a better deal by paying USD 1080.5 (Rs 69,319), that is USD 20 more than their neighbours in the US across the border.

Hong Kong does not seem to experience a huge hike in the iPhone X price at USD 1,099 (Rs 70,506).

Apple is also set to face a supply problem for the iPhone X that may well last into the first half of 2018.

The total cost of the iPhone X components is going to be around USD 581, according to research company Susquehanna International Group, reports the Wall Street Journal.

This suggests that Apple is set to make a profit of USD 418 per iPhone X sold.

This is more than double the USD 248 bill of materials for the iPhone 7, with the WSJ saying that Apple’s iPhone X profit margins seem to be slimmer than on existing lines.

But despite this, the Cupertino giant is set to make bigger profits overall with the high-end iPhone X.

The iPhone 7’s price at the time of launch was USD 649. Apple then made a profit of USD 401 – which is USD 17 lesser than what it is going to be making for iPhone X.

This also suggests the iPhone X may have been even more expensive if Apple had wanted to keep its profit margins unharmed.

The most expensive component in iPhone X is going to be the Super Retina display of 5.8-inches which is supplied by its South Korean rival Samsung.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will launch in India on September 29, at Rs 64,000 and Rs 73,000 respectively.

The iPhone X, priced approximately at Rs 89,000 for the 64 GB version, will hit the shelves in India from November 3 and it is set to break records as the most expensive mainstream phone in India.






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