Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan apologizes for defending casting couch


MUMBAI: Famous Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan on Tuesday defended the practice of casting couch in the film industry while interacting with media in Nagpur. She had defended the practice while saying that at least that gives jobs. However, after the remarks met with severe criticism, she apologized saying that the remarks should have been seen in context with the question that was asked of her.

“I have already said I am sorry. But you don’t know the question that was asked… And now there’s so much ruckus,” Khan said.

Earlier in the day, during her interaction with media, while replying a question regarding Telugu actress Sri Reddy stripping in protest of the casting couch culture in Telugu film industry, Khan had put the onus on women and said this had been going on since ages.
“Everybody had been doing it… trying to lay their hands on any women available. Even people in government had done it. Why is that you want to single out only the film industry? It at least feeds you. Doesn’t leave midway after raping you,” she had said.

“It’s up to the girl – what does she want to do? If you don’t want to be caught, you won’t. When you are an artist, why will you sell yourself? Don’t say anything about the film industry. It’s like our mother-father,” the National Award-winning choreographer added.

Video of Khan’s comments went viral over TV channels and the social media invoking severe adverse reactions from within the industry. Owing to which the 69-year-old choreographer finally apologized.


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