CBSE Board Exam: CBSE can declare 10th-12th results without conducting exam, this will be evaluated


Sources say that CBSE is no longer in the mood to take the exam. Three categories will be created by CBSE to declare the students’ results and on that basis the results will be released after evaluating the students.

A new scheme is being prepared by CBSEResults can be declared by July 15
After canceling the 10th and 12th examinations, a new plan is being announced by CBSE to announce the result. Sources say that CBSE is no longer in the mood to take the exam. To declare the students’ results, a new scheme will be created by CBSE and the assessment will be released on that basis. It is being told that CBSE can declare the result by July 15.

CBSE sources said that students of 10th and 12th who have completed the examination will be evaluated normally. For students who have given more than 3 papers, the number will be added to the average of the best 3 subjects for the remaining paper. Those who have given 3 papers, the numbers will be added to the average of the best 2 subjects for the remaining examinations.

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Similarly, students who have given 1 or 2 papers, their results will be on board performance and internal project assessment. Results will be declared by CBSE by July 15. Arrangements will be made for the children of class 12 to sit in the optional board examination, so that they can improve their performance.

CBSE says that optional board examination will be conducted only when the situation is favorable. With this, the government can ask Delhi University to extend the application deadline (4 July), as the result of CBSE students will be declared late.

Significantly, due to the corona crisis, CBSE canceled the examinations from July 1 to 15. The board gave this information during the hearing in the Supreme Court on Thursday. After this, the court has asked the Center and CBSE to issue a new notification regarding the 12th class examination. There will be a hearing in this matter even today.

The Supreme Court had asked CBSE and the Center to clarify the choice between internal assessment and examination in the new notification. Also, the state board has been asked to tell about the current status of the exam, the date of examinations. The court has asked for a new notification and affidavit from CBSE till this morning.



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