Fixed Deposit Scheme: Through this scheme, FDs of 11000 rupees for daughters are free, know how to apply


Fixed Deposit Scheme For Daughter: Through this scheme , the government is working to help everyone! This program has been started by a company named Genex By which all girls are being given benefits! Good opportunities are also being provided to all the girls by this company. The company named Genex is working on girl and gender equality! Provides them with funds too! He has said that all daughters born in India are being given FD facility of Rs. 11000 from them.

What is it ? Child development program

Through this scheme , good resources are being provided to all the girls in the country! In today’s time, the work of giving rights to girls and girls is also being done by this! And all the girls are getting benefit of Rs 11 thousand as assistance! The Genex Girl Child Development Program has been started! The through which they have also been provided financial nutrition! And the benefit of this is being given to people of all religions of all countries. They are being provided this facility since birth.

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Getting benefits for free

Assistance is being provided to girls by this scheme . And this is funded by the Genex Development Company {Private Company}! They are also being provided assistance! This company is also running girl and girl programs in the country! By whom they have helped! And girls are being given the benefit of FD of Rs 11000! They have also been given the means of nutrition. The amount of this fixed deposit {FD Scheme} will be provided to the girls on completion of their age. The maturity time of this scheme is 18 years old! Through which she uses this amount for her work. For various means like education, education, marriage and more.

No financial burden on parents

Genex founder Pankaj Gupta has said that I have got a glimpse through this initiative! They are being assisted! And girls {Scheme For Girl} are getting the benefit of this in a home country! No foreign funding of any kind is being used in this scheme. Pankaj has told that 1,50,000 people are getting the benefit of this! This has been helped by some private companies in the country since independence.

This scheme is being described as the next generation scheme! They are also working to take care of their mother. They are also given nutrition as support! And their co-founder woman is being helped by this! Assistance is being given to them at the age of 18! Every day around 73,000 babies are born in the country! The company is also working to help them through this.

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