Kovid-19 increased online shopping in India! E-commerce stores earning profits by reducing discount


Even with the opening of malls, shops and markets, 40 per cent of Indian customers are still prioritizing online shopping for essential or non-essential goods, even with the opening of lockdown, so that they can make Kovid-19 (Covid) -19) to avoid contact.

new Delhi. It has been a month since the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of Coronavirus in India. The stores and malls are opened. Shops are also being opened in general markets. Despite this, 40 percent of Indian customers are still giving priority to online shopping for essential or non-essential items so that they can avoid contacting anyone. With this, the e-commerce business is improving rapidly. However, due to this, the big discounts available to customers on online shopping are ending.
Many e-commerce stores have already been reduced
, people involved in the discount survey said that it is taking a long time to get refunds on exchanging or returning any goods from the e-commerce website, which makes them feel very troublesome. The survey report says that due to the increasing demand for online shopping, the discount is set to decrease. Till now the grocery platforms used to give 25 to 35 percent discount on their goods, they are only giving 15 percent discount at this time.

Only 1 percent of people are going shopping
According to the survey of the local circle, 21 percent of the people say that they are shopping from e-commerce websites. 19 percent of the people involved in the survey said that they are getting the goods delivered from local retail stores or shop to home delivery. At the same time, only 1 percent people said that they are going to Malls for shopping. The survey covered 25,000 people from 231 districts. A quarter of these people were from Kerala only. 11% of the people surveyed said that they are shopping from the nearest departmental store.

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47 percent of people are shopping from local market

47 percent of the people involved in the survey said that they go to buy goods from the local market. This means that 40 percent of the customers are making home delivery of their essential and non-essential goods from the local retail store or e-commerce website. When asked the reason for paying attention to home delivery, 71 percent of the people said that they can protect themselves from the risk of getting infected. Also said that shopping in this way is more easy. However, some people complained of longer delivery time.



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