Mariam Nawaz reminds Pakistani army of defeat on Siachen-Kashmir, creates ruckus


Maryam Nawaz on Imran Khan: The united opposition is continuously attacking the Pakistani army to overthrow the Imran Khan government. During the joint opposition rally on Sunday, Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz fiercely attacked the Pakistani army for the losses in Kashmir and Siachen.

In Islamabad,

Pakistan, the united opposition is constantly holding big rallies to overthrow the Imran Khan government. Imran Khan is sleepy due to the millions of people reaching these rallies. Separately Sunday, Bilawal Bhutto rally in Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in Larkana in Sindh province and Mary Nawaz said Pakistan army attacked fiercely and Imran Khan. Maryam Nawaz has fiercely attacked the Pakistani army for the defeats in Kashmir and Siachen.

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Imran’s minister is calling the opposition a traitor

After which the minister of Imran government who came to the rescue, is calling the opposition parties as traitors. Speaking on Imran’s language, Pakistan’s Badbole Minister Sheikh Rashid called the opposition, especially Nawaz Sharif, polishing the shoes of former dictator General Ziaul Haq. He claimed that the Pakistani Army has never been involved in the politics of the country before and never will in the future. However, Sheikh Rashid himself used to criticize the Pakistani army while in opposition before the defections.

What did Maryam Nawaz say

Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz President Maryam Nawaz fiercely attacked the Pakistani Army and ISI in her address. He said that when the political parties in the country started fulfilling their promises, some forces (Pakistani Army and ISI) which were notorious for the split and rule, started getting restless. Then we saw Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja, the former head of the ISI, set up Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Imran Khan’s party) by collecting political wastes.

Army broke the country and lost Siachen-Kashmir.

He further said that when politicians in the country started being sentenced to death and questions were raised about their character, some people broke the country and the constitution, losing Siachen and Kashmir. , Violating the oath to interfere in politics, committed even more serious crimes. Those people have not been held responsible till this day.

PTI dances at the behest of ISI and Army

Maryam dances at the behest of ISI and Army, said that Imran Khan’s party was used in dharna and conspiracy against the elected government at the behest of Pakistan Army and ISI. But remember, ideology cannot be hanged or banished. Attacking former President General Pervez Musharraf, Maryam Nawaz said that no one talked about bringing the country’s constitution and Benazir Bhutto’s assassin general. The court that sentenced Musharraf to death hanged himself.



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